ParentsCaring for elders with incontinence problem can prove to be a very difficult job. Things can get more complicated as the job or duty here is of emotional nature. On research you will find that today there are several different brands offering incontinence sanitary products for the elderly. You must determine the purpose for buying the pads. Knowing what type of incontinence product you would need will also make the choosing process much easier.

There are several factors you must consider for selecting the right incontinence pads or diapers. They are:

  • The sex and the size of the person you are serving. There was a time when manufacturers only made unisex products for the elderly this only lead to difficulties as we all know the needs of a man and woman are very different. Today we have products for both the sexes and they all are available in various sizes to meet the requirements of the users.
  • Style of the incontinence product- This depends on the behavioural pattern of the elder. If the senior is an active person it is better to use pull-on styled pads. If the senior is however predominantly immobile then going for disposable diaper style pads will be a better option.
  • Type of incontinence- Depending on the severity of the incontinence one can select from super incontinence pants or mild incontinence pants. For night time incontinence you can opt for incontinence pads liners which help the pad stay in position while the senior sleeps in the night.

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16 February 2019