If you want to get ready for spring-summer fashion season 2014, one style that you have to prepare is no other else but 90s style. It is no longer a secret that this style is already mentioned to be the next trend in this year. That is why it is so much better for you to prepare something to show this style off real soon since we are just about to enter the season.

Until now, it is known that there will be some 90s fashion items that are still applicable to wear in this present time. The very first example is no other else but short-sleeve T-shirt that is worn on top of another T-shirt with long sleeves. If 90s is the time when you were in, it is so sure that you are also familiar with this style, right? Moreover, this style was actually a kind of booming that time.

Other than that, you can also use your old overalls because these are no other else but another 90s trends that will be trending again this year. For summer time, these can be combined perfectly with tank tops or white shirts for the inner and also a pair of comfortable ankle sneakers.

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16 February 2019