How Does IPL Photofacial Treat AcneAcne, at any age, is a nuisance. But, for young people, especially teenagers and those in their early 20’s, the physical manifestations that accompany acne can be a real, psychological burden in social settings. For those suffering from acne, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) photofacial technology is a viable solution. IPL is a photo-rejuvenation technology that uses light or laser light to treat acne and other skin conditions. How does it work?

If you were able to shrink down to the size of a grain of sand, the skin would appear as a patchwork quilt with an innumerable number of pores amongst a forest of hairs. To keep the skin moisturized, your pores constantly exude oil or sebum. But, when the skin becomes too dirty, or too much oil is produced, as it does during puberty and early adulthood, hormonal changes can result in clogged pores that will close to form pimples and blackheads, or what is commonly known as acne. Genetics may also play a role in acne.

Not long ago, doctors discovered that IPL has a very therapeutic effect on acne. The visible light we see with the naked eye is actually all the colors of the rainbow combined together to form what we call white, or natural light. Using a prism, you can see all these individual colors, beginning with red and ending with violet. In turn, each unique color is actually an excitation of electromagnetic energy travelling at different wavelengths. Different wavelengths produce different colors that have different therapeutic properties.

For example yellow/green wavelength combination obliterates bacteria that live on your skin and cause acne, while the red wavelength directly targets overactive oil-producing glands that cause pustules. IPL produce intense beams of natural light, or just the green, red and yellow wavelengths, emitted in short, rapid pulses which are aimed at the skin. This destroys the harmful bacteria, initiates a reduction of inflamed oil-producing glands, and helps to thwart overproduction of excess skin oils. After several treatments, you should see a marked improvement in you the appearance of your skin.

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11 December 2018