YJ Sciences Inc. Comes Up with a Healthy JuiceYouth juice is a very nutritional product that was developed from about four decades of doing research. It is therefore a major breakthrough that has made a significant contribution in ensuring that people have long and healthy lives.YJ Sciences were therefore formed to conduct research and come up with the most powerful food in the market. The company therefore benefited from the expertise of the some of the specialist who lead in this process. The founder and president of the Youth Juices, Bob Edwards has a degree in the organic and microbiology. Together with Lynda Perry, they enlisted a group of scientist from the University of British Columbia to develop the product. The research was funded by the Canadian Government.

In the four years of researching the Youth Juice, seven varieties of top quality berries were carefully selected and methodological process was developed by extracting the juice from the berries. The seven varieties of berries which were selected for the fruit juice include Elderberry, blueberry, boysenberry, black currant, blackberry, raspberry, and cranberry.  The juice from these fruits was mixed with three cautiously selected wholesome sea vegetable to make the nutritious juice.


The Youth Juice has a lot health benefits to the body.  The people who have included the juice with their meals on a regular basis have attested to its effectiveness. When these products from YJ Sciences are taken habitually, there will be an increased level of energy in the body.  The customers who have patronized the product have not only experienced better moods and healthy weight management, the people who were initially suffering from digestion problems have been helped to remove toxins from their digestive tracks. In addition, the antioxidant in the juice restores the damage done in body cells.

For the juice to produce effective results, it has to be taken on as a daily supplement.  Immense health benefits have been seen by people in the North America as a result of continuously using the product. Many people are making inquiries on where they can get the products after witnessing on how it has helped their family members.

The strategy used by the company to market and distribute product is very unique.  This product was developed for health purposes but has since been used to enable people in earning income and creation of wealth. As a policy, YJ Sciences Inc. has a philanthropic model in which it ensures that 50% of the profit earned on the product remains in the community.

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16 February 2019