What Defines An Instant FaceliftAging doesn’t have to be a process that is painful and stress-inducing. Many people who had previously considered a traditional facelift involving surgery, have since learned there are options that don’t require recovery time and are far less painful. Consider some of the following examples of instant facelifts and if you’re looking for help making a decision on what’s right for you in the Brooklyn or New York area visit http://khrommd.com/ to learn more.

Generally, the term instant facelift applies to options that have you looking younger without having to undergo surgery. This is an attractive solution for many because surgery requires such a commitment. For those who aren’t looking to go under the knife there are many different options that are ‘lunchtime lifts,’ or ‘instant face lifts,’ the definition of which is a lift that is non-surgical and achieves results within an hour.

Creams, Masks And Other Topical Solutions

One of the simplest examples of an instant facelift is with creams or other solutions you can use right in your own home. These creams and masks often work by rebuilding your collagen levels. They are known to reduce spots, help with discoloration and tighten or tone skin, helping to remove wrinkles. These creams need to be used on a regular basis for the best results and they are also excellent ways to help dry skin stay hydrated.

Thread Lifts And Thermage Procedures

When a thread lift is performed, a fine needle is used to place sutures or threads, through the skin. These sutures are used to tighten the skin up and facial muscles, creating the lift and youthful appearance. A minor anesthetic is applied locally to keep the area numb through the procedure. Thermage is a treatment that uses deep penetration of muscles in the face with heat. It was developed ten years ago and when used strengthens collagen and improves skin texture.


Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are substances that are injected under the skin to help plump it up, effectively filling wrinkles and lines. They can help with scars that are recessed therefore reducing even the deepest creases, as well as to plump up lips. Many see results when they are used between the eyebrows. They are a wonderful alternative to surgical procedures and so have become very popular. They are less expensive and don’t require recovery time. There are a few different types with unique ingredients and a doctor like one you would find at khrommd.com can help you make the selection on which one is right for you.

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