Cord Blood Cells Research has Unfolded Great Benefits in Medical WorldCord blood can be defined as the blood which remains in umbilical cord and placenta after birth. Cord blood contains the stem cells which have been found to be extremely helpful for treating several disorders as per the cord blood cells research studies from all over the world. If you are interested to know about cord blood re4serach findings, here is a brief on the many advantages of cord blood discovered from the medical researches here.

  • Helps in treating kidney conditions and other serious diseases

As per recent research studies on cord blood cell, mesenchymal cells achieved from cord blood can be utilized to treat kidney complications. The mesenchymal cells are helpful in tissue repair and developing cartilage and bones which lead to fast recovery in patients preventing the kidney complications that arise from the tissue damage in the body. Some eminent Italian researchers used the cord blood cells in treating some mice suffering from serious renal failure and have observed great improvement. Other researchers have fund cord blood cell in helpful in treating different blood disorders and plasma cell abnormalities.

  • Helps in partial liver growth & diabetes

South Korean researchers have shown that cord blood cell would be helpful in partial liver growth. The research team is even hopeful that better research would enable them t develop a complete liver or some other organ as well that could be utilized for transplantation. Besides, according to some other researchers, cord blood cells release insulin which can work wonders in treating the diabetic ailments.

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22 April 2019