Commonly Asked Questions about Detox Foot PatchesWhat are foot detox pads?

Foot pads come from Asia and work to cleanse your system either while you’re asleep or during waking hours. The ingredients, typically tree or bamboo extracts (or other botanicals, such as tea, ginger, or garlic), literally pull impurities out of your system.  Pads are typically worn at night and thrown away the following morning.

Why are the foot pads worn on the feet?

The feet function as a “second heart” in Oriental medicine, which essentially means they, like the heart, pump blood and lymph into the body and flush toxins out in the process.  The modern sedentary lifestyle tends to bog this down and leads to a toxic back-log in the lower legs, ankles and feet (which is why we often experience mysterious swelling in these areas).

Can the detox foot pads be worn anywhere else on the body?

Of course.  The feet are the best place to wear these pads, but anywhere that is blood rich (e.g., the extremities, including hands, feet, backs of knees, temple, neck and spine), or is painful or swollen, is a fine alternative.


How long should I expect to wear the detox foot pads before I am fully detoxed?

Typically one month, but longer if you suffer from chronic illness.   Usually people start by placing pads on the arches of the feet, then as they become lighter in color, other areas of the feet can be addressed (e.g., the balls of the feet, the toes, heel, and ankles).   Occasionally, you will see results in a day or two, but it is not uncommon for it to take several weeks to see or sense positive results.

What if I don’t see anything in my detox foot pads?

This can happen when users have sluggish lymphatic systems and/or poor circulation, and is nothing to worry about.  In these instances, it is advisable to wear the pads during the day (or perhaps an hour or two before bedtime), when you are more physically active, which can help them along.

What results can I expect to see with the foot detox pads?

Improved sleep, more energy, clearer and more positive thinking, and relief from a host of ailments (i.e., chronic pain, migraines, and even fibromyalgia).  After a few weeks of nightly applications, they can be worn once or twice a week, or even just a few times a month, as a maintenance program.

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